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Water Saver Pipe

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Durable, foldable PVC pipes that you can attach to your down pipes, redirecting all the water from your drains into your garden or swimming pool!

*Shipping counter-to-counter is R99 is you choose not to collect in Claremont

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Fantastic PVC pipes that you can attach to your down pipes, redirecting all the water from your drains into your garden or swimming pool!

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3 reviews for Water Saver Pipe

  1. lin-wsct

    I am so amazed by this product! Well done!

  2. Colin Alexander (verified owner)

    Thank Goodness for my watersaver pipes – they just keep on doing the job and unroll every time it rains. Have managed to keep my pool topped up with rain water and sparkling clean the whole summer without using pottable water

  3. Genni

    I’m using them in a different application ie collecting grey water from my bathrooms and kitchen to water the garden. I’m also in a drought region and I’ve managed to at least keep a part of my lawn and garden going. A smaller diameter would work better for this application and perhaps a double seal as the pipe does eventually split at the join – possibly due to the warmer water from especially the dishwasher. Still a great idea. Will be ordering more to replace the pipe I’ve been using since March which has now split.

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Q: Do you do shipping to outside of Cape Town?  
— Asked on February 11, 2017
A: Yes we do.  Currently our shipping is R99 counter-to-counter using Postnet - however this fee is subject to change if your have a big order.  In this case we will need to quote you accordingly.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Is your product bio-degradable?  
— Asked on February 11, 2017
A: No not at this moment.  We would love to be able to offer a biodegradable option but we have not been able to find one.  If you have any suggestions on how to create an affordable, biodegradable product - please let us know so we can hopefully add it as an option.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Do you offer other products?  
— Asked on February 11, 2017
A: Not at the moment although we would consider adding some from other vendors.  Please send us your proposal to should you wish to share this space
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Is your product available in any shops?  
— Asked by Tesna Clarke on February 15, 2017
A: No sorry. You need to order directly from us.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: How do I obtain PVC roll up pipe?  
— Asked by E Clegg on February 15, 2017
A: You need to go to the our shop and order it online.  You can choose to collect it from Montague Gardens or Claremont (Cape Town) and this is COD.  Or order it and select the shipping option where it will be delivered via Post-Net counter-to-counter for R99 within South Africa.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Where do I collect in Montague Gardens?  
— Asked by RONNIE STADLER on February 15, 2017
A: Once your order has been put through the website we will confirm it with you and email you with the details.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: I need to ask some advice and order.  
— Asked by S Geyser on February 15, 2017
A: We have created an online shop because this concept has exploded, we are flooded with enquiries and an online shop is the simpliest way for us to manage it all. We are asking for people to please go through the website first.  Please send us an email with your questions to and please put them up here as someone else might have the same questions too. Once you have the answers you need you can order through the shop.  Just choose your product, put it in your cart and checkout.  Not everyone likes ordering online so we have allowed people to pay COD to make it easier.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Please upgrade your website - there are no contact details, no addresses. How will I ever get my product once I make a payment? Where are you?  
— Asked by Noel on February 15, 2017
A: We understand that this can be frustrating and worrying for some of our customers.  We are not a big organisation and we do not have a physical shop so we have created this online shop for people to buy from.   Previously people were ordering on Facebook so we thought that this would make the process better to manage. This is the best we can offer at this stage.  You can choose to pay COD and once you put your order through you will be sent an email with all the necessary details.  Due to privacy restrictions we may not publish our adddress and phone numbers.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Do you have stock? Please give me you address to collect in Montague gardens
— Asked by Charles on February 15, 2017
A: If we don't have stock then you can backorder.   We do not have a physical address to publish online.  Once you have put your order through, we will confirm it in an email and we will send you an address to collect it from.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Where can I purchase your product in Sandton?  Do you not have a contact number?
— Asked by JEANNINE PEARSE on February 15, 2017
A: You will need to order online and choose the shipping option which is Post-Net counter-to-counter which is an additional R99.  We would appreciate it if you would put your questions down either here or email us at
— http://lin-wsct
Q: I am concerned that you don't have any contact details on your website? How do I know that my order will go through? Are you legitimate?
— Asked on February 15, 2017
A: We completely understand the concern of ordering online and the risky feeling especially when there are no contact details.  We started with a post on Facebook and this concept exploded We have been flooded with enquiries and we were not able to manage the process efficiently via Facebook.  We decided to create an online shop as we don't have a physical shop and this isn't our full-time job(s).  We felt it would be easier for us to sell this product this way rather than via messages on Facebook.  Better to put all the information people needed and we could give online - so it was all in one place.  As we have full-time jobs we have not published our phone numbers or addresses as we cannot be answering the phone all day at our day jobs.  We hope in the future to be able to employ someone to do our customer service but we are not there yet.  We ask that you please be patient with us.  We are a small group of people who are passionate about water saving and thought we all could benefit from these water pipes.  We will update the website with whatever information we can as we go along.  Please, please, please send us your enquiries and we can get back to them as soon as we can.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: I have placed an order for your product but need to know where to collect in Claremont???
— Asked by Louise Massey on February 22, 2017
A: Hi Louise, once you have proceeded to checkout there is a note up at the top saying that once your order is through (at this point you haven't paid anything) we will confirm it with a pickup address.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Please can you post your address? There is nothing on your site which makes you look like you are not legit. I am interested in purchasing but would certainly not pay for anything without having the product in hand first. Pity....I think you are losing customers.
— Asked by Luisa on February 17, 2017
A: Hi Luisa, We are very sorry that you are displeased. Unfortunately we cannot put our personal details on the website and instead we offer a cash-on-delivery option for exactly this very reason. It is up to our customers if they want to pay upfront or not. If they do chose the COD option then there is no risk on their side. If you want to know more about watersaverct please have a look at our facebook page. Thanks for your comment.
— http://lin-wsct
Q: Prys per meter??
— Asked by Anton Viljoen on February 26, 2017

This question has not been responded to yet.

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